Quantus architecture

Quantus is a client\server based system with the TCP/IP (internet) protocol between the client PC and the computer server where the application runs. It runs on any Microsoft Windows based PC, or server. What that means in English is that you can run Quantus on any of the following, and move it between them with no effort:

  • Single user PC - the client and the server both run on the PC
  • Multi-user PC based Local Area Network (LAN) - the client runs on the PC workstation and the Quantus server runs on the network server hardware 
  • Any PC connected to the internet via a Wide Area Network (WAN) - the client runs on the PC and the Quantus server runs somewhere in the "Cloud"

The system is very reliable because all the accounting processing takes place in the server (except on a stand alone PC where there is no server). Virtually no data is transferred between the PC and the server, so even if the PC becomes disconnected from the server there is very little risk of damage to the database.

Quantus has four components as follows:

  • The Pervasive database - a famous reliable self managing database which requires no monitoring or adjustment
  • The ProIV runtime environment - the code which runs Quantus 
  • The Quantus accounting application 
  • The Crystal Reports run time environment - used by Quantus to output documents to print or Acrobat pdf files

With the exception of the fact that the Pervasive database version differs between the stand alone PC and the server based environments the system is identical on all platforms. The accounting system can grow and be transferred from one environment to another by merely copying files.