Management consultancy

We have partners and consultants who have worked as Financial Directors in well known organisations in Computer Services,  Retail, and Insurance sectors.

We have helped organisations to select accounting software, and we have undertaken rescue operations where systems have failed by utilising our in house software called Quantus. Quantus is extremely flexible, yet very secure, and because we write and own the software we can customise it in emergency situations.

Here are some of the Management Consultancy projects that we have undertaken:

  • Jeff Kempster and Max Dale spent over 2 years implementing new accounting software in one of the largest and best known UK Insurance Companies
  • Max Dale spent a year selecting new computerised accounting software for the travel industry
  • Jeff Kempster produces the annual SORP accounts for a major Charity using Caseware which he has customised to handle subsidiaries which trade
  • Andrew Dodsworth has implemented Oracle Financials in a (different) major UK Insurance Company
  • Max Dale carried out a computer rescue after a building company installed a computerised accounting system which failed
  • Max Dale has managed the implementation of the Quantus software in many organisations over a period of 20 years, and the longest standing systems are now over 17 years old