Cloud + book-keeping

The next type of client that we have is one who wants all the controls offered by a fully computerised environment, information on a regular basis, maybe even full monthly management accounts, but who still does not want to have to run their own computer systems. The ability to login from home and look at the system would be lovely, but they don't want to do any transaction processing, no accounting work at all.

Well, the cloud based environment described here provides the remote login from home, with the ability to query the accounting data and see what is going on, and we do the rest.

What do we do?

We setup a fully configured Quantus accounting system on our office servers, we backup the data every night, and we provide the client with access into our servers on an enquiry only basis (so as to stop inexperienced users from doing any damage).

The client sends us all the book-keeping information either by snailmail (post) or by email and our book-keepers input the data into Quantus. We not only host the client's accounting database on our servers, configure and run the accounting system, but we do all the transaction input, produce the VAT returns, and in some cases produce full monthly management accounts.

In some cases we also run a full payroll service, and occasionally we even pay the staff (from a client bank account).
We are, in fact, the accounts department for that client, but we just sit in our own offices and cost less*.

* based on the cost of purchasing a multi-user computer network, the Quantus Financial Accounting software, and competent staff to run both the computer system and the accounting environment.