Computerised accounting

Quantus has been developed over the last twenty years and has been used by major banks, hospitals, insurance companies and also by numerous small businesses, including sole proprietors who access our software running on our office servers from their homes. This is now called cloud based systems but we have been doing it for years. We use the same system ourselves for the book-keeping of many of our clients, and we also have the system installed on client's own servers in their own offices. We can login to their systems, help them, and make complex book-keeping entries for them.

One of our main objectives is to provide efficient integration between our own and our clients' accounting records. There are several reasons for this, as follows:-

  • At the year end it is common for adjustments to be made to the accounting records, for example to add depreciation entries, or stock adjustments. Many accountants will take the year's figures from a client and then enter them into their own book-keeping software, make the adjustments and then produce the accounts. The accountants records are then out of step with the basic book-keeping records, and at best the client will have to re-enter the adjustments into their own system (often many months later), at worst the client will press on regardless. Often the accountant will provide a single figure to adjust the last years profit instead of the detailed make up of the movement, meaning that the basic accounting record can never be quite correct. This might mean, for example, that when trying to prepare a budget based on the last two or three years performance the base figures are wrong. We dislike this process.
  • Our philosophy is to handle transaction recording once, get it right the first time, and never visit it again. Our clients are mostly not accountants (not true in the large corporate clients) so they regularly need help to achieve this. If we can share the accounting system then we can guide the client constantly to achieve this end. 
  • It saves time and therefore money by de-duplicating work.

How do we do it?

The answer is that we do different things for different clients.

  • Some of the smallest business clients use our easy to use, free of charge, Excel based book-keeping systems. These are protected clever book-keeping spreadsheets that even novice computer users can't get wrong. There are different flavours for different sizes and types of business, without VAT, with VAT, monthly, quarterly, and annual data.
  • Other small businesse clients who are keen to minimise costs by doing all the work themselves and who want "proper" accounting systems with up to date records of who owes them (what we call debtors) and who they owe (creditors) log in to our Cloud based commercially available Quantus software via the internet. We host the data on our office servers and they and we can access the records simultaneously in real time.
  • Some medium sized business clients ask us to host their accounting records on our servers, and ask us to do all the day to day book-keeping entries. They then access the system via the internet and get up to date informati on on a day by day basis. Our book-keepers become their accounts department. We produce monthly management accounts for them. This is Cloud accounting with book-keeping services.
  • Larger business clients run the Quantus application on their own office servers, they look after it all themselves, but we can login to their servers via the internet, multi-user, real time, and make adjustments as necessary. This is all closely controlled by security systems. Quantus allows us to enter adjustments into prior period or prior year records and automatically brings the current year data up to date. Quantus is commercially available software installed in Banks, Hospitals, Insurance Companies and Retail environments.