Unique Selling Proposition

Now, to answer the question - what is our USP?

Firstly we work closely with our clients during the year, often on a day to day basis. We constantly guide our clients through the maze of legislation which surrounds business life. We act as surrogate Financial Directors to many of our clients. We work with our clients to ensure that we have an efficient interface between us so that we keep our costs to a minimum. This may be by getting the smaller clients to use our book-keeping systems written in Microsoft Excel, or for larger clients by us accessing their accounting systems remotely in real time, or by us hosting their accounting records on our servers and allowing remote access to them via the internet. We have a mix and match approach because different clients require different means of interfacing with us. One size does not fit all, and as clients grow their businesses they usually need to change the way that we work together. We act as the complete accounts department for some clients, maintaining all their accounting records and even paying the staff.

Secondly we have a new approach to handling routine accounting tasks which we believe makes us more efficient and more competitive. We develop and own a range of book-keeping systems which are available to our clients at very competitive prices, sometimes free of charge. These range from clever spreadsheets through to complex accounting software. Our very clever software is commercially available and is called Quantus. We like wherever possible to have a single accounting record which is shared between the client and ourselves. We do not duplicate the clients accounting records on our own book-keeping systems which seems to be the normal process. We build computerised links so that we can share the data, either by us connecting into the clients systems, or by the client connecting into our systems, and when we go through the year end review and make adjustments we update the clients records in real time.

Thirdly, our partners and consultants include the ex Financial Director of one of the largest and most successful insurance companies in the UK, the ex Financial Director of one of the most famous retail chains in the UK, and the ex Financial Director of a significant computer company. Just these three have together over 100 years of experience in commercial and professional accounting. Please have a look at our staff profiles.