Customised Spreadsheets

Most of our clients are based in the UK and trade in the UK, and therefore most of our clients can use a spreadsheet system with pages to handle bank payments, bank receipts, petty cash payments (maybe receipts), sales invoices, credit card transactions, and payroll. 

However from time to time that is not true. Because we program our own systems we have complete control over how the spreadsheets work and we can customise them to suit individual clients special requirements. 

Here is an example. We have a client who is not British, but who lives in the UK and trades in the UK, the European Union (EU) and outside the EU. He is a sole trader. He has our spreadsheet system with pages for three bank accounts in different currencies and that means three bank payments pages and three bank receipts pages, three credit card pages because he has credit cards in three currencies, one petty cash page, and one sales invoice page (because all his invoices have to be in sterling as well as another currency). All the foreign pages have currency conversion. It looks like this: 


The colours are to help identify the columns during input, there are different colours on different pages. Coloured areas are for user input. White areas are protected.

There are buttons which have the following functions

  • hide/show unused rows
  • hide/show unused columns


The columns on this bank page read as follows: The tabs along the bottom (pages) read as follows:
Paid to Paid via bank 1
What for Paid via bank 2
Day number (the month and year is at the top of the page) Paid via bank 3
Over-ride month (for old transactions) Paid via credit card 1
Date (calculated from day number, month & year) Paid via credit card 2
Cheque reference Paid via credit card 3
Invoice\Voucher exists Y/N Paid via petty cash
Voucher reference number Not yet paid
Total £ Received into bank 1
Code (analyses value into columns) Received into bank 2
VATable Y/N Received into bank 3
VAT % over-ride Sales
VAT (calculated from rate at top of column) Payroll
Code columns 1-39  eg travel, telephone, stationery, postage, rent etc  

He has enough transactions to make life complicated but not enough to warrant the use of a very complex and expensive multi-currency accounting system. Our spreadsheets have been successfully recording his business transactions for over ten years. He completes the spreadsheets every month and sends them to us by email and we help to control this quite complicated book-keeping environment.