Case studies

Accounting Clients

Clarks Shoe Franchises

Kempster & Dale act for several Clarks shoe franchisees. In the case of Richard Price Footwear Limited (RPFL) this involves

  • remotely assisting with the running of the Quantus book-keeping system (the system runs in the RPFL offices but Kempster & Dale have remote access from their office)
  • running their payroll and workplace pensions system.
  • providing two suites of spreadsheets written by Jeff Kempster the first of which is used for recording sales and takings by transaction type (this is then imported into Quantus electronically and used to reconcile the till systems to the bank), and sales history by product by shop, and the second which is used for manipulating Clarks electronic supplier invoices so that they can also be imported into Quantus automatically.

In another case Kempster & Dale act as the accounts department for a private group of companies two of which are Clarks franchisees. In this case

  • The book-keeping systems run on Quantus but this time in the Kempster & Dale offices.
  • Data is fed in electronically from the Clarks computer systems and Kempster & Dale do all the book-keeping for all the companies
  • Kempster & Dale also run the payrolls.
  • Kempster & Dale produce monthly management accounts for each company and the group
  • Kempster & Dale also produce the statutory sccounts and advise the directors on the tax position of the companies and the directors.

Lastly but by no means least Kempster & Dale act for another franchisee where the involvement is limited to reviewing the quarterly VAT returns and producing annual accounts and tax computations. In this case all the book-keeping is done by the owners of the company using the VT Transactions software and Kempster & Dale maintain a version of the same software in their own offices so that data can be transferred between the two.

Treetops Stud

Initially this business had no book-keeping systems and no recognisable statutory accounts. Kempster & Dale reconstructed the books and records for several years using the full flexibility and capability of Quantus, including the partial VAT recovery system (which is automatic in Quantus). Then Kempster & Dale produced amended historical accounts for filing at Companies House, and advised on the successful restructuring of the business.

Treetops is a specialist equine breeding stud, concentrating on dressage horses. Although she has no knowledge of accounting the director now maintains all the book-keeping records of the company on Quantus by herself in the Kempster & Dale offices which she visits once a month. Hot desking is the rule! Kempster & Dale review the quarterly VAT returns, produce statutory accounts and tax computations and generally advise on the running of the business.

Grace Hair Design

Grace is a recently established local ladies hairdressing salon run by a sole trader. Kempster & Dale assisted in the setup of the business, salon computerisation and ongoing book-keeping systems. Kempster & Dale act as the accounts department for the business, maintaining all the books and records on Quantus, and running the payroll.The business is now VAT registered and Kempster & Dale managed the initial pre-registration claim.

Management Consultancy Clients

Benenden Hospital

Direct Line Group Services Limited

In 1992, after 10 years of trading, Andrew Dodsworth the then fininacial Director of Direct Line Insurance decided to implement a new computerised accounting system for their back office book-keeping functions. The insurance system runs on very large computers but the book-keeping was on a network. The system that he selected was called Quantus.

Jeff Kempster and Max Dale were contracted to oversee the implementation of the new system and worked at Direct Line for over a year.

Subsequently Jeff Kempster continued developing a suite of Excel spreadsheets which managed the extremely complex re-insurance accounting for the company.

Andrew Dodsworth now works with Kempster & Dale as a consultant.

esure Services Limited

Andrew Dodsworth managed the startup of esure and subsequently oversaw the implementation of the Oracle Financials suite of accounting software.

As a result of his involvement with Kempster & Dale he then introduced the Caseware suite of software to manage the production of the year end accounts for all the companies in the group and Kempster & Dale have been contracted to produce the year end statutory accounts package for all the group companies for more than four years.

Galileo International (owners of British Airways)

Galileo International managed the computer systems for British Airways and as part of the contract that British Airways had with their travel agent customers Galileo had to provide a back office accounting system for travel agents. The project had been running in house for many years but eventually Max Dale was contracted to review the requirements of the agents, review the accounting systems available and produce a short list of possible systems that could be used.