About us

OK - so you know what Chartered Accountants do - book-keeping, annual accounts, business tax computations, and personal tax - so what is your USP I hear you say. Actually our profession does a lot more than that and we do offer specialised consultancy services - in the areas of computerised accounting systems, insurance accounting and the retail sector. Refer to our range of accounting services and our specialised consultancy services for more information.

We have offices in Westerham in Kent and Cambridge, but unusually we have clients all over the UK because we service our clients using the latest technology. Our offices and all our staff are linked into one virtual private network, so they can work from anywhere, home, office or client site. If you dealt with the largest firms of accountants in the country then this might be the same, however we have considerably lower overheads and also lower fee rates. This link will enable you to see our offices and contact details or get directions to find us.

So we are an unusual practice. We are a three partner firm and we have been in business since 1988. We do have specialised senior consultants as well, and all our clients deal with experienced staff on a day to day basis. Our clients range from husband and wife partnerships, and small limited companies to multinational companies and major charities where we undertake varied consultancy services.

Everybody working in our practice has worked at Director level in a commercial organisation at some time during their career, and this gives us a different perspective on the services which we should offer our clients.

Find out the answer to the question "what is your USP", and see what makes Kempster & Dale Partnership different.